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LENO LANDINI - Harmonica Player and Music Composer. 

LENO is the Italian legend harmonica player. He has an incredible talent as a music composer for sure - he's the most creative harmonica player in Italy if not even in the world. He created special pedal effects to his harmonica where the sound is electrified. 

Howling Spirit is Leno’s second CD, (the first one is Broken Harp) Howling Spirit is a compilation of 10 tracks of instrumental music, which carries your soul and mind into nature. He doesn’t need to put words to his music because his music speaks out for itself. His music is considered to be a type of country rock with a touch of Native American Indian melodies, let's say "on the road" type music. His CD of the Howling Spirit has also a 12 page booklet where his artwork is displayed. Each artwork represents each song.

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